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Lucky Dog
Don't Lose Luck
[FIC] Sharing the Room 
19th-Mar-2009 01:12 am
drama queen
Title : Sharing the Room
Pairing : Alfay
Fandom : Star Ocean 3
Rating : G
Disclaimer : not mine
Notes : a greeting for bathosroyale ~~~


Fayt could only throw a dirty glare at his roommate when the other man completely ignored his presence and hogged the bed by himself. Why was he so stupid to volunteer himself to be in the same room with the one who got nicknamed ‘the wicked’? It wasn’t his fault to begin with. If Cliff wasn’t stupid enough to lose the map, they would have reached the town in time, and they would get enough room for everybody. Now he was stuck in the single bed room with the former commander of the Black Brigade.

“Albel, can you move a bit? I want to sleep. It’s getting late and we need to go early tomorrow.” Fayt tried to make a civil conversation as he didn’t want to be stabbed by the crimson scourge.

“Find your own bed. This is mine, maggots.” He replied without even looking at him.

“Albel, don’t be childish. You know that we need to share the bed because the other rooms are occupied by other guests.” Fayt started to get annoyed by the lack of reply he got from the long haired sword man.

“It’s your own problem. Not mine. You can sleep on the floor. There is a lot of free space there.” He smirked mockingly as he played with his claws.

Fayt snapped at that comment. He approached and pushed the other man forcefully off the bed. The older man fell with a loud thud before he got up and unsheathed his sword.

“Do you have a death wish, maggot?” He asked dangerously.

“No. But I want to sleep and you are in my territory, Albel. Stop being an egoist bastard and both of us can share the bed and rest peacefully.” He said while crossing his arm in front of his chest.

Other people would think twice before pissing off Albel Nox the wicked, but Fayt was different. He was tired, and Albel’s attitude was not helping at all. He wasn’t usually that short tempered, but today everything seemed to be against him.

The red orbs were glaring at him, but he could care less at the moment. Albel looked like he was ready to stab him anytime soon. Fayt just stood still and dodged the bed lamp when Albel threw it at him.

“I don’t want to fight. Last time we fought on the inn was a disaster. I don’t want to be kicked out in the middle of the night again. The bed is big enough for the two of us. And it was only for tonight. I promise you that you will get the biggest room for yourself when we get into the next town.”

“… Fine, but you pay for it.” He said after awhile.

Fayt groaned at that. Cheating bastard, he thought to himself.

“Deal.” He said before he took the right side of the bed, and the taller man took the other side. Fayt immediately sighed in relief before he closed his eyes and was about to sleep when suddenly Albel took the entire blanket for himself, leaving him exposed to the cold air of the night.

“You never said anything about the blankets, fool.” He smirked mockingly before he turned his back on him and went back to sleep.

And Fayt could only groan at that.
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