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Hello Toki here! 8D
Welcome to my journal~

My arts and fics are opened for public, but I locked the rest! You can comment here to be considered before I friend you back. I don't really like it when people add me randomly without me noticing :( I hate flame, and I hate people who think that they are better than everyone else, and speak without using their brain.

I often changed fandom, but I'm currently in Reborn; Hetalia; Kichiku Megane; Sweet Pool; Star Ocean 3; Gundam 00; Lucky Dog1; and Sengoku Basara. One important fact about me is that ... I have a very bad mood swing, so beware of the rants (even though I really try not to rant too much OTL) I am in love with Mikagami Tokiya from Flame of Recca, and I have a long time obsession with Albel Nox the Wicked from Star Ocean 3.

I think that's all about me, and I am still working with my doll profile. I am slow OTL

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